Powder Dosing Valve: DOSIMAT

Source: ILC Dover
Powder Dosing Valve: DOSIMAT

The DOSIMAT valve allows a precise dosing of any powder or granulate when filling drums, bags, boxes, big-bags, etc.

The DOSIMAT valve is particularly accurate for:

  • Extremely precise dosing of powder
  • When « CIP » is required (with a DYNAFORM membrane)
  • For corrosive powder or cleaning agent
  • For abrasive powder

Working Principle:

  • The DOSIMAT valve is compatible with most equipment by adapting the connecting  flanges
  • DN 150 or DN 200 diameter according to the required dosing accuracy
  • 100% opening of the valve possible
  • Dosing by means of an oscillating knife. The dosing valve has full opening and is actuated by a pneumatic cylinder, in function of the weight on the scale or on the load cells
  • Detection and adjustment of the % opening by means of inductive switches (from 1 up to 4 switches) located on the pneumatic cylinder
  • Communication between the scale (or load cells) and the MULTI-DOSIMAT through the programmable terminal IT 9000

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