News | February 4, 2004

Process Innovation Prepares Major Switchgear Supplier for Growth

There's a big story behind those small, unassuming gray boxes on your plant wall, the ones that enclose your high-voltage switches. Open one and you will see - along with the switch hardware you'd expect – molded insulation. If your switchgear was built by S&C Electric Company of Chicago, Illinois, that insulation is a sophisticated cycloaliphatic epoxy resin system. The superior quality of this insulating material helps to ensure outstanding product performance - and it helps the company secure its position as a leading supplier of high-voltage fuses and switches throughout the world.

S&C Electric recently arrived at a threshold that most companies encounter sooner or later in the evolution of their businesses – the point at which a fundamental change in production is required to continue growing. Like so many other companies, S&C Electric was in an excellent competitive position but it had physically run out of room to grow. For S&C Electric, the answer was to reorganize the mixing and conveying processes in its plant, upgrade its mixing equipment, and make the plant more productive.

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