Proprietary And Licensed Devices


Offering integrated capabilities for your drug delivery systems programs.

Over the past few years, Stevanato Group has strategically expanded its drug delivery systems team and broadened its offering to include capabilities and services as an integrated solutions provider. The company is now offering a broader range of solutions to its pharmaceutical partners, such as contract manufacturing of devices, which is key, to produce their drug delivery systems.

Boasting a one-stop-shop approach enabled us to collaborate in a more meaningful way on a higher number and variety of programs. We have explored the combination product space extensively, focusing on three main categories of drug delivery systems: pen injectors, auto-injectors, and on-body delivery systems.

With regards to pen injectors, we developed Alina® a user-friendly, disposable pen injector platform for variable and multi-dose treatments.

For auto-injectors, we are the exclusive contract manufacturing and commercial partner of Aidaptus®, a 2-step, single-use auto-injector accommodating both 1mL and 2.25 mL pre-filled glass syringes. Designed by Owen Mumford.

Finally, with Vertiva™, we offer a pre-filled and pre-loaded on-body delivery system platform suitable for a wide range of therapies.


  • Alina® Pen Injector
    • A platform pen injector for diabetes care, exclusively based on IP and technology licensed from Haselmeier
  • Aidaptus® auto-injector
    • We are the manufacturing partner for Owen Mumford's innovative syringe-based auto-injector
  • Vertiva™
    • A versatile on-body delivery system platform suitable for a wide range of therapies