News | October 8, 2021

PTI Inspection Systems To Exhibit Container Closure Integrity Testing Systems At INTERPHEX 2021


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PTI will showcase the following container closure integrity solutions at INTERPHEX October 19-21 in New York City.

  • E-Scan Microcurrent HVLD: The Microcurrent HVLD test method is capable of detecting the presence and location of pinholes, micro-cracks, stopper/plunger leaks, non-visible leaks under crimping and many other defects. It assures product CCI by scanning a non-conductive sealed container with electrode probes. Any defect in the packaging results in resistance differential and change in current flow in the container as well as the approximate defect location.
  • Veripac PERMAC-VAC Technology
  • OptiPac One-Touch Blister Package Testing: The OptiPac One-Touch Tool-less Leak Detection System is a deterministic non-destructive technology designed specifically for multi-cavity blister packs. OptiPac utilizes volumetric imaging under vacuum with topographic imaging to detect the presence and location of leaks.
  • SIMS Helium Leak Testing
  • Automated CCI Solutions

PTI - Packaging Technologies & Inspection is headquartered in Hawthorne, New York, a Westchester county community close to New York City. PTI is a collective of scientists, engineers and packaging practitioners focused on improving the entire package quality experience throughout the packaging lifecycle. PTI has engineered and developed seven different inspection technology platforms to assure container closure integrity. Each technology is grounded in the belief that without a reliable test method there is no test method. PTI’s technology offerings focus on container closure integrity, providing a deterministic measure of package performance that critical applications require. The solutions are widely used to improve a variety of packaging design and material challenges, providing package performance data in the development phase through to in-production on-line package inspection.

Packaging is far more than a thin piece of material. We believe it is a protector of life. Packaging will allow the product or device to perform during its life cycle through storage, distribution, and eventual use. Packaging connects our global supply chains and brings life-saving treatments and devices to the point of use. It maintains sterility of critical nourishment, bringing food to those who need it. The performance of packaging goes far beyond a candy bar or coffee. The performance of packaging saves lives, and PTI is here to support you in your mission.

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