News | April 2, 2014

Quick Becomes An IATA Strategic Partner

Quick International Courier has become a Strategic Partner of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). This will enable Quick to further contribute to the development of solutions and standards for the air transport industry, as well as to participate in key areas such as policies and best practices.

IATA Mission and Vision

IATA’s vision is to be the force for value creation and innovation driving a safe, secure and profitable air transport industry that sustainably connects and enriches our world. Their mission is to represent, lead, and serve the airline industry and help airlines to operate safely, securely, efficiently, and economically under clearly defined rules.

Why a Strategic Partnership?

IATA developed its Strategic Partnership program in order to pool resources and expertise to advance the air transport industry, connecting key stakeholders to assist in the development, implementation and promotion of industry standards. With a current worldwide community of more than 350 partners, sharing ideas and collaborating to improve aviation practices and technology, IATA’s Strategic Partnership program offers its members the opportunity to have a stake in shaping the air transportation industry’s future.

Specifically, the IATA Cargo Standards Partnership provides Quick with the opportunity to participate in the development of standards covering some of the essential areas of aviation transport, such as the safe transport of dangerous goods.

Partnering with IATA places Quick at the center of the development and implementation of the Aviation Cargo Standards, which govern so much of our specialized air transportation network. 

Working Together for Regulatory Compliance and Service Excellence

By participating in the IATA Strategic Partnership program, we can ensure we are making a valuable contribution in future developments and changes, which can positively impact our industry and our customers-- maintaining our excellent service and compliance reputation.

SOURCE: Quick International Courier