R&D Sterilizer For University, Research Institutes, And Laboratories

Source: Fedegari Group

L in FVA / A1 series combines outstanding performance with high quality materials, ease of use and reduced consumption.

L in FVA / A1 series combines outstanding performance with high quality materials, ease of use and reduced consumption.

The vertical and automatic sterilizers of the FVA / A1 series have been created and developed to meet the most stringent regulations in the various health sectors where they are used:

  • analysis laboratories and microbiology;
  • colleges and universities;
  • and R and control agencies;
  • laboratory of bio-technology and life sciences;
  • Animal health establishments and diagnostic laboratories;
  • quality control laboratories in the pharmaceutical industries, food and chemical;
  • hospitals, operating theaters and medical field in general.

This machinery is recommended in all the highly specialized fields and in global niche markets that require customized processes, reproducible and validated.

These sterilizers combine ergonomic details and design such to ensure easy handling of materials and goods to be sterilized as: glassware, liquid solutions in open or sealed, even mixed waste of high pathogenic risk, surgical instruments, textiles and rubber products for hospital use.

The version the base of the sterilizer can already be used for standard processes and is easy to configure thanks to the design used and the modular construction with a number of interesting and exclusive optional accessories. In fact, all models can be configured using various customized systems with a wide range of processes and software options as well as a wide choice of accessories.

Design and Technical Data

  • Net capacity: 75 l (FVA2 / A1) to 140 l (FVA3 / A1)
  • generator steam steel AISI 316 L with water pump with automatic filling;
  • Large front door with safety lock for a total and immediate access technical area;
  • pneumatic seal with compressed air system for maximum security;
  • lid with opening to horizontal TRANSLATION for fast closing and with safety device;
  • closing the door with patented compressed air system for maximum grip;
  • liquid ring pumps single or fractionated pre- and post void *;
  • for sterilization in counter pressure programs *;
  • decontamination cycle for waste high pathogenic risk;
  • 30 standard sterilization programs can be easily customized in a multi-user environment;
  • process Controller DCS PLUS 10with large video displays -Graph color touchscreen;
  • operating system fully validated and documented according to the strictest pharmaceutical standards for reproducible processes;
  • New exclusive software for 21 CFR part 11 with electronic signature, audit trail and storage with Ethernet connection *;
  • Suitable for operate in contexts conform to standards GLP.

* on request