Radiopharmacy Biosafety Cabinets- Stainless Steel Design With Lead Shielding

Source: Germfree
Radiopharmacy-RADIOSAFE Laminar Flow Biosafety Cabinet

The RADIOSAFE Laminar Flow Biosafety Cabinet provides a high degree of localized protection from particulate and aerosol hazards. The work area of the biological safety cabinet is continuously bathed with laminar flow ISO 5 HEPA-filtered air to protect the product from contamination while an inward airflow protects the user. Approximately 70% of the air from each cycle is recirculated through the supply HEPA filter while the remaining air is discharged from the biosafety cabinet through the exhaust HEPA filter. An optional thimble connection allows for external ducting of the exhaust air.

The Class II Type A RADIOSAFE Series of Biosafety Cabinets meets all requirements for USP 825 compliance and is constructed from 100% Stainless Steel.

All stainless steel, lead shielded USP 825 compliant biosafety cabinet

  • Protection Type: Product, Personnel, Environment
  • Industries: Biopharma, Healthcare
  • USP <825> Compliant
  • All units are NRTL listed with Intertek to comply with ANSI/UL STD 61010-1 Certified to CAN/CSA C22.2
  • All Stainless Steel Design with Lead Shielding
  • Various Lead Thicknesses Available
  • USP 825 Compliant
  • Fits All Commercially Available Dose Calibrators

Overall dimensions

Model Width Depth Height
RADIOSAFE BSC 50" 27" 94"


Work area dimensions

Model Width Depth Height
RADIOSAFE BSC 48" 27" 29"

Electrical - 115 Volt, 60 Hz (220/50-60 Hz also available) 15 Amp (6 Run)

Lighting - Work area illuminated by externally-mounted light

Airflow - ISO 5/Class 100


  • Front lifting viewing panel is easily removed and is gasketed to provide a proper seal when in place
  • Sliding leaded glass shield with 3/4” lead (13 3/4” x 20”)
  • Viewing window in shield is 8”x8”x4” with a density of 5.2g/cm3


  • Stainless Steel
  • Lead-lined dose calibrator housing (2” thick lead)
  • Lead on sides, back and bottom (3/4” thick)
  • Dose calibrator monitor arm

Air Pressure - Negative Air Pressure

Filter - HEPA filtration