Recombinant Yeast Production

Source: Grifols
Grifols Yeast

Chiron has development and cGMP production capacity for recombinant proteins in yeast.

Chiron’s new, $80 million state-of-the-art Consolidated Manufacturing Facility (CMF) is located on the Emeryville campus near the existing production facilities. It was specifically designed, built and validated to support reliable cGMP manufacturing of recombinant proteins/antigens.

CMF is a flexible space conducive to optimized workflows. It features 25,000 square feet of GMP manufacturing space, including two fermentation suites for Escherichia coli (110 L) and yeast (250 L) fermentation, three purification suites and a bulk fill area. This design allows for future process fit flexibility, including rapid and easy segregation, process changeover and setup. In addition, multiple production suites with dedicated air-handling systems are physically isolated to minimize any risk of cross-contamination.