White Paper

Regulatory And Fill Volume Considerations For Liquid Filling Systems

Source: Filamatic
pharmaceutical liquid filling

By Robert Rosen, CEO, Filamatic

While diagnostic, biotech, and pharmaceutical are distinct industries, they do share similar characteristics as it pertains to the filling & closing solution that is suitable.  These products usually have a high economic value per volume and involve small, accurate fill volumes into containers that can be difficult to handle.  In addition to the filling, closing, and labeling of these types of containers, there can be more complex requirements that relate to the regulatory environment.  These requirements can lead to a system that needs validated control over all elements of the packaging process.

When beginning your liquid filling equipment search, it is important to consider the different aspects of your product (or application) and the demands of your project.  For the product - there are typically four characteristics that determine the type of filling machine you will need:   the liquid’s nature or characteristics, fill volume(s), production rate(s), and container description(s).  However, equally important in these diagnostic & biotech industries are the regulatory requirements that shape the manufacturing area.