News | August 28, 2019

rfxcel Seeing Significant Growth In Russian Track And Trace Solutions

Reno, NV / B3C newswire / - rfxcel, the global leader in supply chain track and trace solutions, today announced that it had doubled the size of its workforce in Russia and was pursuing deals in new industries, continuing its rapid growth in one of the world’s most important markets.

The new Russian staff joining rfxcel’s Moscow-based operations bring expertise in key areas of supply chain management and technology. Their experience includes project management and purchasing in the international automotive supply chain, telecommunications, liaising with developers and engineers to ensure they understand and meet customer requirements, business development, technical project administration and coordination, and customer training.

They build upon rfxcel’s established team of supply chain experts in Russia, led by General Director Victoria Kozlova. Ms. Kozlova manages the implementation of rfxcel’s robust track and trace solutions for the life sciences. She has almost two decades of experience in pharmaceutical and consumer goods supply chain management.

With the addition of this staff, rfxcel is poised to continue its expansion into other industries, most notably retail and branded goods. The company is currently in talks with a U.S.-based multinational branded clothing and footwear corporation to track its products from warehouses in the EU to points of sale in Russia. Other industries rfxcel is pursuing include food and beverage, luxury goods, and consumer goods.

rfxcel entered the Russian market with a roster of clients in the pharmaceutical industry. The longest-tenured supply chain track and trace solution provider in the life sciences, rfxcel is one of few providers with implementations in Russia. It is helping companies meet the country’s complex regulatory requirements, including strict serialization guidelines that will go into effect on January 1, 2020. Russia’s pharmaceutical market is expected to reach $38 billion by 2021.

“This is a very exciting time for us,” rfxcel CEO Glenn Abood said. “We have been committed to growing our presence in Russia, and things are really taking off. Doubling the size of our team, especially with such talented and experienced people, will make us nimbler, expand our geographic reach, and give us entrée to new markets and customers. We’ve made a name for ourselves in Russian pharma and compliance; we’re ready to take those successes and build on them in retail branded goods and other industries that can benefit from our proven supply chain technologies.”

To learn more about rfxcel’s growth in Russia or its innovative track and trace solutions, contact Vice President of Marketing Herb Wong or visit

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