Application Note

Ribbon Blenders Are Ideal For Coating And Mixing Processes

Solid-solid mixing sometimes involves powders that need to be uniformly coated with smaller particles of a different component. The ingredient that is coated onto the bulk material is typically a very small percentage of the batch, thus requiring thorough and uniform blending. Ribbon blenders are proven to be highly effective for these coating and mixing operations.

There are essential ribbon blender features and techniques to consider in order to maximize the functionality of the minor ingredient. The batch ribbon blender is a standard workhorse used for solid-solid mixing. Its simplicity, functionality and affordability contribute to its widespread use in many industries.

Agitator design varies slightly from one manufacturer to another but essentially consists of inner and outer helical ribbons which produce a well-balanced axial and radial flow of materials.

The U-shaped horizontal trough and an agitator made up of inner and outer helical ribbons that are pitched to move material axially, in opposing directions, and also radially. This combination promotes fast and thorough blending.

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