Roller Compactor

Source: The Fitzpatrick Company

The Chilsonator roller compactor is specifically designed to meet the pharmaceutical industry requirements.

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Chilsonator® Special Features and Models
The Chilsonator roller compactor is specifically designed to meet the pharmaceutical industry requirements. As to the operating advantages of this equipment, perhaps the most outstanding is our feed system, which consists of a horizontal screw metering material into a vertical screw. The action of the vertical screw is to provide a relatively slow compression of the feed material allowing entrained air to escape and to apply pressure on the deaerated material in the nip region of the rolls. The action of this feed system allows the processing of a substantially broader range of product characteristics allowing the equipment to accommodate variations in bulk densities and aeration characteristics. In extreme cases an optional vacuum system may also be used to assist in deaeration.

The rolls of our smaller units (IR 220, IR 520, IR 4 X 10) are designed in a Cantilever manner which facilitates both easy cleaning as well as the ability to utilize a variety of roll configurations. Water-cooling is available to the rolls for applications where the material tends to heat under pressure.

The larger machines (4B4X10 and larger) are also designed with features to provide convenient access to the rolls and other components for maintenance and cleaning.

The roll gap is variable on all of our equipment, and the roll force is maintained by a simple but effective hydraulic system. This is done in order to maintain an even pressure on the product as it passes through the rolls and to compensate for variations in the bulk density or other handling characteristics of the feed material.

Substantial changes to the feed powder can be introduced by storage methods, delivery to the compaction system and similar activities. Therefore, we hold the operating pressure constant allowing the rolls to move in active processing in order to maintain constant pressure. This is an important feature in producing uniform quality product.

Flexibility can be further enhanced by equipping all necessary functions with variable speed drives. This is accomplished by frequency converters housed in the main control panel. Speeds are selected based upon our operating experience to provide the maximum flexibility of operation and to allow the system to accommodate to a broad range of feed material characteristics and particle size requirements.

Materials of construction are carefully selected for both mechanical requirements and corrosion resistance to assure product purity. Stainless steel is standard for all the product contact parts.

The size reduction of the compact is achieved by a FitzMill, which can be installed as an integral part of the system. Particle size can be varied by changing the screen size as well as adjusting the operating speed and blade type. This combination provides maximum flexibility in meeting product requirements with a broad range of materials.

Fitzpatrick has extensive experience in system design. Additional equipment such as screeners, elevators, feed hoppers, dust collectors, etc. can be provided to meet your process and installation requirements.

(linear inches)
IR220 0.75 * 8.0 4.0 - 14.0 0 - 15,000 lbs. 0.1 - 22 lbs.
IR520 2.0 * 8.0 6.0 - 24.0 0 - 15,000 lbs. 22 - 220 lbs.
IR4LX10D 4.0 * 10.0 6.0 - 24.0 0 - 10,000 lbs. 220 - 2,200 lbs.
4B4LX10D 4.0 * 10.0 6.0 - 24.0 0 - 19,650 lbs. 220 - 2,200 lbs.
7LX10D 7.0 * 10.0 6.0 - 24.0 0 - 11,900 lbs. 440 - 4,400 lbs.
12LX12D 12.0 * 12.0 6.0 - 24.0 0 - 10,300 lbs. 770 - 7,260 lbs.
12LX16D 12.0 * 16.0 6.0 - 24.0 0 - 16,800 lbs. 990 - 9,680 lbs.
12LX20D 12.0 * 20.0 6.0 - 24.0 0 - 19,625 lbs. 1210 - 12,100 lbs.
16LX20D 16.0 * 20.0 6.0 - 24.0 0 - 19,625 lbs. 1760 - 19,360 lbs.

Click here to download the roll compactor brochure.