News | March 17, 2004

Ross Launches New High Shear Mixer Website

Bogard Lagman, Executive Vice President, has announced the launch of a new High Shear Mixer Website.

The new website is accessible on the web at - The new website includes background information on the company, and detailed information our complete line of High Shear Mixers. Links to the following are provided:

  • Models – batch, inline, multi-shaft, systems and SLIM
  • Selector Guides - dispersion and emulsification
  • Technical Articles
  • Photographs of typical systems
  • Literature
  • Links to technical publication
  • Quote Request Form

The Ross line of High Shear Mixers includes conventional high-speed dispersers, batch and inline rotor-stator mixers, multi-shaft designs, and the new SLIM (solids liquids injection manifold)

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