News | January 26, 2005

Ross Offers New Dual Shaft Mixer

Charles Ross & Son Company recently completed a special dual shaft vacuum mixer for the mixing and dispersion of medium to high viscosity materials.

The anchor and high speed disperser combination, is capable of handling batches up to 50 gallons This design is offered in several capacities ranging from 1 through 2000 gallons. The unit is designed for variable speed operation. The speed for each agitator is independently controlled by means of AC-variable frequency inverters.

Also included in the unit shown are the following features:

  • Air/oil hydraulic lift
  • 50 psig jacket on mix vessel for heating or cooling
  • 2" flush type discharge valve in bottom of mix vessel
  • 316 stainless steel wetted parts
  • Teflon scrapers on the anchor agitator
  • 100 grit finish to facilitate easy cleaning
  • 2 – 3" sight and charge ports in cover

Click here to download a Mixer Selection Chart.

Source: Charles Ross and Son Company

Charles Ross and Son Company