News | May 7, 2004

Ross-Olsa Vacuum Homogenizer Introduced

Doug Cohen - Vice President -Technical Services of Ross today announced the introduction of a new Model G2 Vacuum Mixer Homogenizer.

This vacuum processor is primarily used for processing by companies that require the ability to process under sanitary conditions. The mixer is constructed entirely of stainless steel and is completely polished for total cleaning between batches. All surfaces of the mixer are designed to enable a fast turn when needed. The standard agitator design of the mixer includes a sweep blade anchor with wall scrapers and an externally mounted high-shear rotor/stator mixer. This combination is ideal as the mixer has no seals or stuffing boxes within the mixing chamber. Concerns over product contamination are thus minimized.

The G2 Vacuum Mixer Homogenizer is built in many sizes through 1000 gallon capacity. It can be customized to include features that are unique to a customers own process. The unit illustrated is available for evaluation in the Ross Test and Development Center located at the companies Hauppauge, Long Island headquarters.

Charles Ross and Son Company