News | June 14, 2004

Ross Receives 3A Approval For InLine High Shear Mixers

Charles Ross & Son Company today announced that it has received 3A-certification covering of its line of High Shear Inline Rotor-Stator Mixers.

The certification insures users of this equipment that Ross has met the strictest of design standards covering sanitary process equipment. Processors can be assured the equipment permits use of the most modern cleaning and sanitizing methods, meaning lower cleaning costs and labor.

Shown is a Sanitary Model ME-405S High Shear rotor-stator mixer mounted on a stainless steel base and attached to a recirculation vessel. The Mixer Emulsifier and vessel are built with sanitary valves and fittings to permit complete and easy cleaning between batches. The recirculation piping from the mixer returning to the holding tank permits the user to re-circulate a batch as long as needed to obtain the desired product quality.

Click here to download a mixer selection chart.

Charles Ross and Son Company

Charles Ross and Son Company