Company Profile | December 21, 1999

SASIB North America, Inc.

Source: SASIB Food & Beverage Machinery
SASIB North America, Inc.
Sasib Food & Beverage Machinery is a world leader in designing, manufacturing, and selling machines and complete lines for the food and beverage industry.

The group's history goes back to the beginning of the century. By the mid-1980's, already part of the CIR group, Sasib set out on the rapid development making it into today's large global group: a sales volume of over 600 million dollars, 3,000 employees, and 33 business units worldwide, including 23 manufacturing facilities.

The group is organized in 10 Divisions operating in two macro business areas: Wet Products, focused on the beverage, tomato, fruit, dairy products and oils, and Dry Products, dedicated to bakery and pasta products. Its trademarks (Simonazzi, Sarcmi, Pama, Meyer, Mojonnier, Alfa, Oxe, Elettric 80, Manzini and Comaco in Wet Products, and Ricciarelli, Rijkaart, GPA Orlandi, Meincke, Spooner Vicars, Stewart Systems, Parsons, SPS, Braibanti, Simer and Clybourn in Dry Products) are now fundamental reference points for the major global operators in the food and beverage business. By combining the expertise and tradition of its trademarks Sasib has become a truly total supplier, offering excellent technology from all processing stages to the end-of-line and logistics.

Today the company is rapidly being transformed from a 'product supplier'to a 'service company which also supplies quality products'. This implies an ever greater focus on its mission to supply services with the very precise objective of offering the customer a rare and precious asset: a total partnership guaranteeing the maximum return on investment.

SASIB Food & Beverage Machinery, 808 Stewart Avenue, Plano, TX 75074. Tel: 972-422-5808; Fax: 972-509-8734.