Saturated Steam Sterilizers

Source: Fedegari Group

fof steam sterilizer

Saturated steam sterilizers are the most flexible sterilizers, capable of processing most of the goods typically used in every bio-phamraceutical production

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The high operating flexibility of these autoclaves arises from the intrinsic characteristics of the saturated-steam process, from the features of the auto¬clave's construction and from the process controller's flexibility.

Every sterilizer is equipped with a water-ring vacuum pump which operates during various steps of the process, such as:

  • initial evacuation of the air by vacuum/steam pulses or by steam injection
  • constant draining of the condensate from the chamber, according to the principle of "dynamic steam"
  • treatments below 100°C
  • final drying of the loads.

Another special feature - one which used to be opposed but is now adopted by other manufacturers as well - is the control of the sterilization stage according to a pressure signal, rather than temperature.

The flexibility of the sterilizers of the FOF series, once the suitable plant options have been selected, makes them suitable for a wide range of treatments, some of which are mentioned below:

  • sterilizations of various solid materials.
  • sterilizations of porous materials.
  • sterilizations of filled ampoules with fast vacuum for tightness test.
  • sterilizations of filled ampoules, vials or bottles with cooling by means of

D.I. water spray under counter-pressure of sterile air sterilizations as above, with cooling by means of:

  • heat-sterilized and cooled D.l. water spray
  • circulation of cold water in jacket with optional circulation of the air by magnetically driven fan(s).