News | June 11, 2014

SC-Integrity, Inc. And Locus Traxx Join Forces To Address Supply Chain And Cargo Threats


Richardson, TX and Jupiter, FL /PRNewswire/ - SC-integrity, Inc. (LoJack SCI) and Locus Traxx Worldwide (Locus Traxx) announce an alliance to significantly advance and bolster supply chain and cargo shipment security and efficiency. Together, the organizations plan to release a series of bundled tracking and information solutions based on the Locus "SmartTraxx™GO" tracking technology. SC-integrity, Inc. is a subsidiary of LoJack Corporation (Nasdaq: LOJN). Locus Traxx Worldwide is a privately held technology firm.

Both companies have prominent positions and significant presence in providing information services to protect the supply chain and cargo markets. Since 2007, Locus Traxx Worldwide has led innovation in the food, produce, and cold chain markets, while LoJack SCI, the covert cargo monitoring innovator, has served the broad requirement of tracking solutions for hard goods. Together, they will now provide high value services to the full spectrum of market needs via the innovative and disposable "SmartTraxx™ GO" product, designed and manufactured by Locus Traxx. Locus Traxx and LoJack SCI both recognize that reliable, intelligent tracking solutions can only be fully utilized if the solution is easy to implement. The collaboration will take full advantage of the power of the SC-integrity, Inc. "SC-iOn" and the "Locus Traxx' Oversight" web portals to deliver comprehensive security and integrity services for their clients.

Locus Traxx will cooperate in providing information to and through the LoJack SCI sponsored Supply Chain Information Sharing and Analysis Center (Supply Chain-ISAC). Food is a leading target for theft, and the industry faces increasing regulatory pressures from the FDA. The ability for Supply Chain-ISAC participants to obtain an enhanced view of potential risk or efficiency opportunities in the food, produce and cold chain markets will be extremely beneficial.

Locus Traxx Worldwide CEO, David Benjamin says, "Our strategic vision to grow through partnerships with leading companies such as LoJack SCI is important to our mission. The talent and market reach that our partners bring to the operation strengthen our offerings and deliver great value to our customers."

LoJack SCI CEO, Ted Wlazlowski added, "We couldn't be happier with this collaboration. This venture will allow both Locus Traxx and LoJack SCI to support the latest generation of communication and geo-localization technologies, while continuing to provide high value service to our customers. Our market is ready for the flexibility and ease in providing a disposable tracking solution; and, together with Locus Traxx, we intend to exceed expectations for reliable, low cost visibility and control."

About Locus Traxx
Locus Traxx Worldwide is the leader in real-time temperature, location, and security monitoring for perishable and high value shipments in transit. Using their Oversight system and the technological superiority and versatility of the SmartTraxx™ system, Locus Traxx Worldwide can give customers access to critical data, at any time, and from any location.

About LoJack SCI
LoJack Supply Chain Integrity provides integrated solutions for supply chain protection that includes shared supply chain intelligence and analytics, covert cargo tracking, monitoring, and recovery services. The LoJack SCI solutions feature proactive alert based security and increased visibility across all modes of transportation with clear chain of custody management utilizing active sensing of the cargo's environment while in-transit. Visit for more information.

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