Newsletter | July 2, 2024

07.02.24 -- Scale And Sustainability In Single-Use Systems


Ophthalmic drug delivery has gained significant attention because of its potential to deliver drugs directly to the eye without systemic exposure. However, the eye presents unique challenges because of its complex anatomical structure and the presence of various protective barriers. Consider the challenges to effective delivery of drugs to the eye, delve into the intricacies of ophthalmic drug delivery, and consider the advantages of nanoparticles as an enabling technology for ocular drug-delivery systems (DDS). Learn more.


The Container Closure Integrity Requirements In The Revised EU Annex 1

Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of CCI testing methods, how the revised EU Annex 1 may impact your strategy for ensuring CCI of sterile pharmaceutical products, and more.

Modernize Your Annual Product Quality Review (APQR) Process

Ineffective APQR preparations can impede product quality decision-making, resulting in inefficiencies and inaccuracies. Discover the advantages of automating APQRs.

Reaching First-In-Human Trials Faster: Connect With The Right Partner

Assessing outsourcing partners’ credentials in people, technology, supply chains, and integration will make all the difference as sponsors aim to streamline processes on the path to commercialization.

Optimizing Chromatography Media In Bioprocessing

How can you optimize your media for chromatography and improve consistency, yield, and purity through the integration of automation technologies such as advanced slurry preparation systems?

Accelerate Your R&D And QC With These 3 Key Analysis Methods

Learn about 3 key thermal analysis methods for fast and effective characterization and quality control: differential scanning calorimetry, thermogravimetric analysis, and sorption analysis.

Cleanroom Design And Installation

Modular cleanrooms are both intricately engineered, high-performance machines and durable, working facility structures. Learn how they are compatible with your manufacturing process now and in the future.

Giving Production A Powerful Boost Through Digital Inline Printing

Gain insight into how technology is helping Recipharm in Pianezza reduce aluminum foil consumption in blister production by 30 percent while maximizing efficiency.

Producing Therapeutic Cardiomyocytes From iPSC Stem Cells

Experts from Albumedix and Heartseed show how they navigated challenges on the path to commercialization and successfully advanced a promising cardiomyocyte therapy to clinical trials.

A Century Of Cell Culture And The Rise Of Organ-Chips

Despite its advantages in researching biological processes, 2D cell culture suffers from its artificial nature. Learn about 3D cell culture and how it is advancing in vitro studies.

New Technologies To Improve Solubility Of Brick Dust Compounds

David Lyon, Ph.D., and Molly Adam answer attendee questions from a recent webinar about three enabling technologies designed to improve drug solubility in organic solvents for spray drying.


Scale And Sustainability In Single-Use Systems

I had the opportunity to cover a lot of ground on considerations for single-use technologies in biopharma manufacturing with Mark Petrich, Ph.D. when he joined me as a guest expert on the Bioprocess Online Live event Single Use Technologies For Bioprocessing: An Essential Update. Here are his insights on single-use scale and lifecycle management.


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