Article | May 16, 2018

Seven Key Parameters To Consider When Conveying Toxic And Explosive Powders

Source: Coperion & Coperion K-Tron

By Sharon Nowak

The fine chemical and pharmaceutical industries process thousands of very expensive dry bulk materials every hour of every day for a variety of applications. In order to maintain the highest standards of safety, sustainability and hygiene, it is essential that these powders are moved from process to process without any danger to the operatives, damage or exposure of the product to the atmosphere, or loss of valuable product within the process stream.

Seven Key Parameters

When moving powder from process to process in these industries, several crucial factors must be addressed to ensure an acceptable solution. The method of moving powders in an enclosed stream of air or nitrogen is commonly known as vacuum conveying and the technology for this form of transport has evolved to meet the arduous demands of these markets.

Typically, there are seven key goals which the end user, in conjunction with the equipment supplier, should consider when addressing the use of vacuum conveying.