Single Use And Reusable Parcel Shipping Solutions: CoolGuard™ PCM

12L Pelican Coolguard PCM 450x300

Our range of single use and reusable parcel shipping solutions are suitable for all biopharma and clinical trial applications. Utilizing advanced insulation, together with either water or phase change material to give consistent results, our products achieve consistent temperature stability for your valuable payload. Our products are designed for the demands of global temperature controlled logistics and are tough, durable, reliable and easy to use.

Key Features:

  • Expanded Polystyrene insulation material
  • Standardized components across the Sherpa Systems™ packaging line reduce inventory requirements, ease assembly and improve efficiency
  • Robust performance for demanding globally investigated profiles
  • Sherpa Systems™ Universal and Ambient systems consist of the same bill of materials, offering two systems dependent on the conditioning of the coolants
  • Wide range of systems from 2 liters to 792 liters payload space with durations from 48 to 120 hours.

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