Single Use Biopharmaceutical Powder Handling Equipment

Source: ILC Dover

ILC Dover brings a unique history and skill set to the biopharmaceutical industry, particularly single use biopharmaceutical powder handling and containment equipment.

Unlike companies that focus on liquid processing and treat powders as an afterthought, we've taken a different approach. After 15 years of working with global pharmaceutical customers on projects ranging from GMP powder processing to containing highly potent API's, we've installed nearly 2,000 flexible containment systems. Working closely with our customers to create these installations has fostered a strong appreciation for the challenges of containing, handling, and transferring powders. Our products make powder handling easier for the operators and we typically reduce processing time. It's this base of understanding coupled with our long standing history of providing solutions for the most demanding, life critical applications (NASA space suits) that we approach powder transfer for the biopharm industry.

We appreciate the importance of:

  • High quality, FDA compliant films
  • Robust product construction that has to withstand the rigors of operations
  • Attention to detail in material trace and certification
  • Easy to understand, user friendly operation
  • Listening to and responding our customers with superior customer service

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