Small Volume Pharmaceutical Parenteral Packaging Systems

Small Volume Parenteral Manufacturing

Applications for Small Volume Parenterals include local anesthetics, vaccines, and other traditional injectable products. The 10 to 100 mL range is typically designed for multi-dose applications.

A simple twist-off opening feature can be combined with a controlled diameter formed in the top to accommodate needle-less spikes. Alternatively, a luer lock or luer slip can be provided. Bottles can be designed with folding, integral hangers.

Small Volume Parenterals in the 2 to 5 mL range most commonly utilize a luer lock or luer slip fit (vented luer) top geometry. Syringes can be connected directly to the ampoules without a needle, creating an inherently safer delivery method.

A syringe with a needle can also be used, since a larger percentage of the smaller ampoules are used to provide diluent to reconstitute lyophilized drugs.

Top geometries for small volume parenteral bottle/ampoule sizes of 100 mL or less can include a multi-entry rubber stopper or controlled diameter, injection molded insert (combined with Weiler's insertion technology). These designs are useful where multiple administration of a drug is required.