Case Study

Smart Cameras Reduce Implementation And Validation Costs In Pharmaceutical Serialization

Source: Cognex Corporation

Concern over the proliferation of counterfeit pharmaceuticals is motivating manufacturers to implement serialized packaging to support full traceability, product integrity, supply chain security and patient safety. Conventional serialization solutions deploy a network of industrial cameras from an industrial computer (PC) to distribute vision technology throughout the production line. Maintenance and validation of these systems can be expensive due to complex operating systems and custom software. Another challenge with existing systems is the cost and footprint required to read barcodes on round, un-oriented bottles that frequently require multiple cameras to accurately read the labels.

Körber Medipak’s Seidenader subsidiary, one of the leading suppliers of pharmaceutical serialization solutions, has addressed these challenges by developing a serialization system based on the use of smart cameras. Seidenader’s Process Manager line-level serialization software is designed to configure and manage Cognex In-Sight® technology, substantially reducing administration and validation expenses. Just a single industrial computer at the line-level provides the necessary recipe management, security and audit trailing for all camera stations on the packaging line.