Article | March 6, 2014

Software Solutions For Future Challenges Of Pharmaceutical Plants

Source: Siemens Industry, Inc.
pharma time-to-market software solution

In the pharmaceutical industry, a product’s time-to-market has to be extremely short, the production highly efficient, and the product quality impeccable. In the engineering and operation of a plant, it is crucial to comply with the stipulations of national and international regulatory authorities. If a plant’s qualification and the validation of the product quality are integrated into the plant’s early planning stage as well as in its later operation, all parties involved will have access to all relevant information and compliance with all stipulations will be ensured. This shortens a product’s time-to-market and allows the plant owner to more effectively take advantage of the patent protection term.

With COMOS, Siemens delivers a comprehensive software solution for the optimal integration of engineering and operation. Using a global, single data platform, the up-to-date engineering information is always available over the entire lifecycle of the plant. This information, as well as the individual steps taken in planning and operation, are documented in a complete and structured.  This quality ensures consistent documentation and highly efficient plant operation from the planning stage onward.