News | May 21, 2014

Sorbent Packaging Technologies To Exhibit At Pharmapack North America June 10-12

Source: Multisorb Technologies

Multisorb Technologies has announced recently they will exhibit at Pharmapack North America, June 10-12, in New York, NY. Pharmapack North America is a leading educational and networking forum for top suppliers of innovative packaging and advanced drug delivery device technologies.

Multisorb is a leading supplier of sorbent solutions for the healthcare industry, encompassing pharmaceutical, drug-device combination, medical device, in-vitro diagnostic device, and other healthcare products. What sets Multisorb apart from other sorbent suppliers is the belief that a partnership with its clients is essential. Close collaboration results in a sorbent that is ideal for the specific drug/device/packaging combination. This partnership can actually maximize product development efficiency for the manufacturer.

A result of recent healthcare changes, many healthcare product manufacturers are finding that to remain competitive a return to innovation is necessary, relying not only on internal development but also complementary development from critical vendors. Using a Quality-by-Design (QbD) methodology will increase the chance of success.

As one of these critical vendors, Multisorb offers its QbD-based Calculations through Operations® program to its customers to evaluate the entire development process from healthcare research & development through commercial packaging operations to ensure that the drug or device product remains stable and protected throughout its shelf life. This process can save manufacturers 6-12 months of development time, giving them a greater advantage over competitors.

Not only is an optimized sorbent formulation developed for the product under the Calculations through Operations program, it is presented in a platform that is most appropriate for the product. Multisorb offers its sorbents in Drop-In, Fit-In, or Built-In options. So whether you need to drop a StripPax® sorbent packet into your bottle, or need a Multiform CSF® compressed sorbent fit into your device, or need a highly customized PolySorb® sorbent component built into your device, Multisorb has a solution.

All of Multisorb’s spooled packet and canister Drop-In solutions are part of a system that includes its companion dispenser. Multisorb will be demonstrating its APA® Model 2000 high-speed StripPax packet dispenser with bottling line interface at the Pharmapack North America exhibition.

To learn more about Calculations through Operations program or Multisorb’s system approach to sorbent dispensing, visit Multisorb at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, booth 3453.

About Multisorb Technologies
Multisorb Technologies has been an innovator in active packaging technology for more than 50 years. Founded in 1961 by John S. Cullen to protect products against the damaging effects of moisture, today Multisorb is the world leader in the development and production of active packaging components. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Multisorb Technologies