SP Hull Depyrogenation Tunnels

SP Hull Depyrogenation Tunnels

Fully Automatic Sterilization
There are several different methods of inactivating pyrogens, including bacterial endotoxin’s, on vial surfaces. The most common and effective way is through dry heating to above 250°C, and both manually loaded ovens for smaller batch sizes and continuous production depyrogenation tunnels have been used. SP provides a range of fully automatic sterilization/depyrogenate and tunnels for vials, in a variety of sizes including production rates in excess of 700 vials per minute. At just five feet in length, our smallest depyrogenation tunnel is ideally suited for laboratory and small batch applications.

All SP Hull depyrogenation tunnels over-pressurize the hot zone relative to the cooling and infeed zone to guarantee a controlled thermic cycle, regardless of pressure fluctuations within the filling suite. Additionally, they can monitor and record particle counts in the infeed zone, hot zone and cool zone continuously during the batch run.

  • Highly effective sterilization - Guaranteed thermic cycle regardless of pressure fluctuations
  • Efficient automatic processing - Fully automatic, continuous aseptic processing offers increased efficiency for batch processing
  • All manufacturing requirements - Modules available for small and large batch sizes

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