SP Hull External Vial Washers

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Complete In-line Decontamination
SP Hull external vial washers are regularly used to clean the outside vial surfaces to minimize false rejects during inspection, and to clean vials filled with potent drugs. The SP range of compact in-line vial decontaminating machines includes the EVW–60 for up to 100 vials per minute, and the EVW–100 for throughputs in excess of 400 vials per minute. The EVW-100 can also have glove ports, a wash down wand and an air handling system with bag in and bag out filters to ensure sterility and containment.

Before washing, the vial cap is enclosed and sealed to prevent the water and cleaning agent from entering the cap area (even at 90-psi pressure), thereby eliminating potential future bacterial contamination. Importantly, conveyor belts are not used to transport vials, as they are notoriously difficult to clean. The external vial cleaning process can be validated, as the position of the cleaning nozzles in reference to the vial position is servo driven and repeatable by recipe.

  • Effective and safe cleaning - Specialized transport system with enclosure to prevent moisture ingress and potential bacterial contamination
  • Compact and flexible - Small footprint systems designed for vials from 2-125 mL; changeover for different vial formats takes just 15 minutes
  • Easy to use - Recipes use servo-driven adjustments to guarantee repeatable positions of the vials in relation to the cleaning solution

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