SP Hull Linear and Continuous Rotary Motion Capping

D - SP Hull Capper 450x300.jpg

The CRS, BI and LI models from SP enable processing at 200 caps per minute for aseptic applications. Crimp cappers control the vertical force during the closing operation by means of servo drives. For screw capping, torques can be monitored and recorded using a strain gauge option to increase vial protection.

  • Compact design - Suitable for almost all manufacturing facilities
  • Dependable vial protection - Vertical force control during cap crimping and torque control/strain gauge feedback for screw capping applications
  • Ideal for containment and sterility - Compatible with Restricted Access Barriers (RABs) or isolator enclosures
  • Compliant with manufacturing regulations - 21 CFR Part 11 and audit trail capable

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