SP Hull LyoConstellation™ Development, Pilot And Production Freeze Dryers

J - SP Hull LyoConstellation S30 450x300

LyoConstellation represents a brand new range of development and pilot freeze dryers, configured to order for faster delivery and specifically designed for aseptic operation. When handling high-value API, and with a need to bring product to market as quickly and safely as possible, LyoConstellation addresses early-stage development under aseptic and low particle-controlled conditions. The product therefore behaves in the same manner once it is ready for scale-up, and then commercialization. Powerful equipped as standard to provide higher capacity, broadened equipment capability, and expanded design space, LyoConstellation models S10, S20, and S30 are all equipped with the same advanced suite ofLine of Sight technologies as other SP R&D freeze dryers, providing data for full process and product life cycle management. The LyoConstellation range also fully integrates with SP filling line and semi-automatic loading systems offering best manufacturing freeze-drying practices, to achieve faster product progression from development to commercialization.

  • Configured to order - Short lead times to get you to market quickly and safely
  • Suitable for most throughput requirements - Range of freeze dryers with different shelf sizes from 1 m² to 13 m² and accommodates vials up to 100ml
  • Scalable and transferrable - SP Line of Sight technologies, PAT tools, and software facilitate scale-up from development to clinical phases
  • Compact footprint - Ideal for most pilot scale areas; integrates with filling lines and semi-automatic systems

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