SP Hull LyoConstellation S80/S100/S130 Production Pharmaceutical Lyophilizers

SP Hull LyoConstellation S80/S100/S130 Production Pharmaceutical Lyophilizers

Finding the right lyophilizer for your fill-finish workflow can be troublesome and time-consuming. Handle high-value API’s safely and efficiently with our range of SP Hull LyoConstellation™ Production Lyophilizers - specifically designed for aseptic operation.

With a comprehensive range of options including controlled ice nucleation, fluid condenser cooling and more, we’ve done the hard work, so you don’t have to.

  • Get to market faster - optional SP Hull Row-by-Row (RxR-36) loading system for high throughput
  • Integrate with ease - compatible with SP i-Dositecno filling line and automatic loading system

Don’t let lyophilization hold up the commercialization of your drug product. Whether you’re at scale-up, pilot, or production stage you can gain a deeper and faster insight into the behavior of your product in a freeze-drying environment with SP Hull lyophilizers and the SP Line of Sight innovative Process Analytical Tools technologies. Using a data-driven approach, SP Hull’s configured freeze dryers will give you confidence in your cycle development and secure process control.

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