SP Hull Row-By-Row and Semi-Automatic Loading

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Flexible for Small Batch and High-Speed Applications
For full line vial applications that include freeze dryers, SP offers a unique row-by-row (RxR) loading system for higher-speed applications, accommodating loading speeds up to 400 vials per minute. Semi-Automatic Loading SP’s semi-automatic loading system is specifically designed for smaller batch applications that include freeze dryers.

  • Fully compliant with latest cGMP standards - The bridge plate and transfer plate never move through the gray space
  • Easy decontamination - Designed to ensure easy cleaning and complete surface exposure during the decontamination process for effective sanitization
  • Reduced/no human intervention - Only human intervention on the row-by-row or semi-automatic loading systems is through gloves to optimize GMP aspects of freeze dryer loading
  • Ideal for containment and sterility - Both high-speed as well as low-speed freeze dryer loading systems are designed for isolation to protect product from the operators; and with containment the operators are protected from potent products

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