SP Hull Vial Washers

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Effective and Efficient Vial Washing
Vial washing cleans the vials of particulate matter and microorganisms; however traditional vial washers have many moving parts, which can themselves generate particulates. SP Hull vial washers have just two moving parts in their washing chamber to ensure highly effective cleaning and their main drive is servo driven. Each vial format has a Human Machine Interface (HMI) selected recipe with specific settings for spray time to help reduce water consumption. Vials are washed without the washing needle entering the vial, thereby eliminating the risk of vials being damaged due to misaligned or bent washing needles.

The vial washer range consists of four models to cover a wide range of production rates including a compact footprint option for laboratory and small batch applications to clean vials with as little as 1 liter per minute WFI (Water-For-Injection) usage, as well as high-speed production applications of up to 400 vials per minute. To accommodate the regulatory preference and minimize operator involvement, the smallest SP washer, combined with a depyrogenation tunnel and filling/stoppering/capping unit, forms a complete aseptic filling line of less than 13 feet long.

  • Dependably effective washing - Guaranteed reduction of particles by 1000 times and spray manifold eliminates the risk of chipping vials
  • Suitable for almost any manufacturing space - Small footprint and reduced water usage
  • Highly efficient and economical to run - Simple servo driven operation with fewer moving parts reduces maintenance and dedicated recipes, to ensure vastly reduced water usage
  • Extremely flexible - Easy and quick change between different sizes of glass or plastic vials

The SP Hull vial washer range includes:

  • RW-250 - low speed, semi-automatic vial washer with low output washing
  • RW-500 - smallest automatic vial washer for low-to-medium output
  • RW-800 - medium speed automatic vial washer with high output washing
  • RW-1150 - high speed automatic vial washer for pharmaceutical and biotech applications

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