Steam Sterilizers With Horizontal Chamber

Source: Fedegari Group

FOB steam sterilizers

FOB steam sterilizers are fully configurable with a variety of options, these autoclaves are the most flexible solution for all the applications in laboratory, industry and healthcare fields.

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All the models can be configured using var¬ious customised systems guaranteed by the wide range of process and software options and the ample choice of accessories.
The basic version of the sterilizer can already be used for standard processes and is easy to configure, thanks to its design concept and modular construction, with a series of interesting and exclusive options kits, the most important of which are:

  • integrated 316 L st. steel electric steam generator with indipendent operation and control
  • pre- and post-vacuum processes, single or fractionated with high-output water-ring vacuum pump.
  • exclusive high-efficiency fast cooling mod¬ule
  • unique decontamination cycle for high-risk pathogenic wastes.
  • NEW sterilization program with complete cycle by steam / air - mixture in counter¬pressure for delicate treatment of small batches as blister packs, contact lenses, carpules, syringes, solutions in glass / plas¬tic bottles or bags (PVC, PP, PE), etc.
  • effluent discharge air filtration kit for wastes treatment with automatic filter sterilization
  • special execution with single or double sealing flange plate (sterile and / or non sterile side) for laboratory risk category L3 and L4 and operating theatre
  • NEW air detector and sample steam kit for compliance to HTM 2010
  • NEW automatic program for pharmacopea cycle on hydrolytic resistance of glass con¬tainers
  • NEW management software CMA-link for remote supervision and downloading to external user PC, data archiving, A4-size printout with cycle diagram, synoptic dis¬play, etc.
  • NEW exclusive conformity kit to CFR21 part11 with ethernet protocol interface
  • precise and detailed documentation and IQ/OQ/PQ validation procedures
  • All models are CE Marked in conformity to the EU Directives and approved by TÜV

FOB Series Special Benefits:

  • improved performances thanks to more efficient and faster processes
  • increased max. operating temperature and pressure range
  • easy installation on fixed or sliding bench and quick connections to utilities
  • smoother, safer and highly reliable operations on all most demanding working environment
  • reduced space with superior loading capacity
  • ergonomic positioning of adjustable operator display and built-in process printer
  • wide and easy access to technical area for regular maintenance and emergency
  • hinged door easily moved with exclusive and low-effort lock mechanism
  • extensive choice of loading equipment (racks, adjustable shelves, baskets, etc.)
  • high level of programming and application flexibility with fully configurable cycles
  • multilevel password management for authorized access only
  • ideal for operation in environments GMP/GLP compatible offering traceability and full documentation meeting the most stringent worldwide safety and quality standards

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