Steam Sterilizers With Vertical Chamber

Source: Fedegari Group

fva sterilizers

The FVA steam sterilizers series has a vertical chamber to offer the highest load capacity and are the most flexible solutions for all the applications in the laboratory, industry and healthcare fields

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Fedegari's new FVA/A1 series of automatic vertical sterilizers has been expressly designed and developed to meet the most stringent application requirements in analytical and microbiology laboratories, research institutes, the pharmaceutical and food industries, and in the medical and hospital sector.

By reaping the fruits of its skills in manufacturing sophisticated custom-made industrial sterilizers, Fedegari introduced a completely new and economically viable concept, a concept which was also partly adopted by other manufacturers over time. However, there was no way they could ever fill the technological and industrial gap which makes Fedegari unique for originality and innovation on the global scenario of sterilization.

Today, these are still Fedegari’s strong points and distinguishing fea¬tures: a complex and smoothly run industrial structure, accustomed to facing daily challenges from the most demanding pharmaceutical companies all over the world, plus the capacity to “recycle” by suit¬ably re-adjusting technical solutions readied and tested on sophisti¬cated equipment, without having to invent new solutions yet to be field-and time-tested.

At under ten years from the introduction of the first FVA-sterilizers, Fedegari is once again ahead of its time. Taking full advantage of experience gained, Fedegari pursues project innovation by introducing solutions earmarked to considerably improve interaction between man and machine during its full life cycle.


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