Vertical Steam Sterilizers

Source: Fedegari Group

fvg sterilizers

The FVG sterilizer series is specifically designed for meeting the requirements of the laboratories with the most cost-effective configuration.

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Fedegari has taken up this challenge by creating FVG-series sterilizers, which are conceived to meet the needs of laboratories in which the treatment of products does not require highly sophisticated solutions or high process flexibility.

Simple and effective machines, in which simplicity, however, is the result of constant and careful research that draws on the vast manufacturing, systems and process experience that allow Fedegari to be an absolute technological leader in the field of industrial sterilization.

FVG sterilizers in fact derive from the rationalization of FVA machines, which were the first of a new generation of fully modular laboratory sterilizers introduced by Fedegari in the mid-1990s. The concept was extraordinarily successful, to the point of becoming a true reference for other manufacturers, who adopted some of its technical solutions without, however, being able to count on an industrial organization comparable to FedegariÊs.

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