Sterilizer Process Controller

Source: Fedegari Group

A unique feature of Fedegari is the extreme verticalization of the company, which has always rejected the idea of assembling sophisticated machines with standard (COTS) components rather designed for a variety of applications. Every component or sub-system is designed and produced in-house with the precise goal to understand its function and develop the solution most suitable for the specific application.

Such aspects are, typically, not adequately considered by buyers who lack hands-on experience with production machines and are often easy prey for commercial arguments that only deal with marginal logistic aspects - such as component standardization - neglecting the real reason why a sterilizer is bought: to sterilize reliably for several years.
It is easy to think that all sterilizers are capable of the same performances, especially if built using the same components.

However, it is more difficult to measure and understand what really makes a difference. All Fedegari machines are equipped with the Thema4 process controller - independently of the type of process or technology - thus allowing to have a wide range of machines all running with the same software with the obvious advantages for the users.