Support Services

Source: PCI Pharma Services
Business data teamwork

PCI offers the expertise to assist clients with overcoming hurdles experienced during the clinical lifecycle, with a collaborative approach to solving challenges that may arise.

Our consultative and flexible approach combined with expertise ensures optimization of clinical trial costs and efficiencies.

Dedicated Project Management

At PCI, our mission is to offer the industry’s leading customer experience. This dedication is championed by our highly motivated and professional project management teams across North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and the UK. Our teams work with clients on all aspects of their projects, leading to successful outcomes and ensuring client satisfaction. Project Managers are involved at the earliest stages of project development, providing insights and experience to guide projects and optimize critical timelines.


PCI WebflowTM solution is a proprietary and bespoke client access portal, utilizing web-based technology to provide secure and real-time information globally supporting clients to proactively manage inventory levels, access stock levels and track investigational site shipments across our global depot network.


The PCIFastTrackTM service provides a flexible and expedited approach to secondary packaging, labeling, release and distribution of clinical supplies based on procedures to address time-critical study needs without compromising quality.
Interactive Response Technologies (IRT)

PCI is partnering with industry leader Suvoda to deliver a best-in-class seamless IRT system to our customers. Utilizing innovative technologies, system flexibility and creative design, the Suvoda solution ensures exceptional customer service.

Comparator Sourcing

PCI is able to source comparator products, accompanied with the necessary documentation to ensure final release for the trial.

Distribution and Logistics Planning

PCI offers a comprehensive global distribution plan using our in-house distribution facilities in combination with our strategic supply network. Our flexibility enables additional and specialized services including just-in-time (JIT) labeling or point-of-dispatch customization direct to patient.

Language Translation

PCI provides efficient translation services with a guarantee of accuracy accompanied by a certificate of compliance with country specific regulatory requirements.

Multi-language Labeling

PCI provides a professional label design service for both single panel (multi-language) and multi-language booklet lables including solutions for Cold Chain refrigerated and frozen supplies.


PCI works with clients to develop randomizations as part of the initial trial planning and development. In addition, our flexible systems accommodate the importation of pre-prepared randomizations.