SY Pharmaceutical Syringe Filling System

SY Pharma

Robot filling and plungering machine for glass and plastic syringes, cartridges and vials in nest up to 6000 u/h with 2 nozzles, 12000 u/h with 5 nozzles and 24000 u/h with 10 nozzles. The syringe filler is compatible with RABs or isolator enclosures. The system is able to work with stainless steel or ceramic rotary piston pumps or peristaltic pumps with possible standard filling with mechanical plunger introduction or vacuum plunger introduction. Automatic nest unloading and loading of tubes. The cleanroom style robot is used to position syringes for filling and stoppering. Manual or semi-automatic debagging, manual, semi-automatic or automatic delidding are available along with 21 CFR Part 11 and audit trail capabilities.

Machines are also available for de-nesting, plunger insertion and labeling of syringes and cartridges.

The SY, BI & LI series is a line of filling equipment for injectables, oral, ophthalmics, syringes and cartridges. Vial filling up to 200 vpm. The Aseptic filling series is made up of multiple models to cover a wide range of applications for the pharmaceutical industry. The fillers and cappers are an integral part of our full line solution.

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