SYLOID® Silica Pharmaceutical Excipients

Source: Grace

Grace, API synthesis, chromatographic media & packing equipment

Our SYLOID® FP silica (silicon dioxide) has been widely used and trusted for decades by the pharmaceutical industry as an excipient and processing aid. The material's unique mesoporosity, adsorptive capacity, density, and greater internal surface area provide advantages over fumed silica (colloidal silicon dioxide) and offer multi-functional benefits to formulators. SYLOID® FP silica grades are engineered to deliver a range of properties and can act as an effective stabilizer, protectant, desiccant, disintegrant, anti-tacking, and/or anti-caking agent. Advanced applications such as oil adsorption, carrier, and liqui-solid can be achieved with SYLOID® XDP silica. Additionally, Grace offers SYLOID® G silica specifically designed for cost effective glidant in generic pharmaceutical formulations. All of Grace's SYLOID® silica products are a synthetic amorphous non-crystalline form.

Grace's silica excipients are made according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guidelines and our compendial materials meet the requirements published in the latest editions of the United States Pharmacopoeia-National Formulary (USP-NF) for Silicon Dioxide, European Pharmacopeia, and JPE monographs. SYLOID® silicas are also listed on the FDA inactive ingredient database.

Drug Delivery Technology​

SILSOL® drug delivery technology provides solutions for poorly soluble active ingredients. It is based on a compendial silica that is fully scalable, giving pharmaceutical developers new options to enhance bioavailability of poorly soluble BCS2 compounds, especially during early research and discovery.

Our expertise in materials science and our long history in the pharmaceutical industry is evident in the innovative solutions and technical expertise we can provide. Grace works with our customers to develop and scale up the right materials for specific formulations. And our committed R&D and technical support teams' comprehensive understanding of industry-specific processes and issues ensure you receive the maximum value from our products. We can help you select the right SYLOID®silica product for your application.