Tablet Press Containment Systems

Source: ILC Dover
Tablet Press Containment Systems

Tablet compression is a common operation throughout the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.  ILC Dover supplies a family of products that support contained Tablet Compression operations.

The best approach is to totally encapsulate the coater with a floor pan mounted flexible enclosure.   Integral glove sleeves are added to the enclosure to facilitate access to control panels and loading & unloading areas of the press.  The enclosure is fabricated from our rugged ArmorFlex® family of films.

Powder is fed to the press from a single use DoverPac® flexible container suspended above the press.  A bagout sleeve with CrimpLoc™ closures is used to remove finished tablets from the press and the enclosure.

  • Provides the lowest overall cost of process ownership through low capital and operating cost
  • Nanogram containment levels achieved
  • Does not affect ATEX and Ex ratings
  • Ergonomics maximized
  • Enclosure made from the rugged ArmorFlex® family of films
  • System is designed to fit existing equipment

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