Article | May 1, 2007

Tabletting Technology Including A CIP System And Die-Filling By Centrifugal Force

Source: IMA S.p.A.

Since the introduction of the rotary tabletting machine, this technology has undergone considerable development to achieve larger product output, higher speed, process automation, and improved product quality. However, the general principles of rotary tablet machines have not changed during the last decades. A new technology has now left this path and realized several new functions such as die-filling by centrifugal force from the center of the turret; total separation of product and punch lubrication areas; and an automatic clean in place system.

This article describes the operation of a tabletting machine, lists the relevant technical data and reports on experiences in treats and large-scale production. Aspects such as tablet quality, productivity, yield, and costs are examined. A comparison is made with conventional compression technology and the efficiency of the clean in place system is demonstrated.