Tablex GF-PRO


Designed and built to comply with and exceed FDA and GMP standards and to satisfy the demands of the pharmaceutical industry regulation, Pharma GF-PRO metal detection systems provide the ultimate in fully integrated product inspection and rejection systems for fine powders.

Pharma GF-PRO inspection systems utilize high frequency operation to provide the highest attainable metal detection sensitivity to all metal contaminants. Difficult to detect non-magnetic stainless steels and irregular shaped contaminants such as minute pieces of sieve wire and swarf are readily detected and rejected with ease.

Exceptional performance in pharmaceutical process environments is enhanced through robust construction techniques enabling previously unseen levels of on-line stability to be attained.

The compliance needs of 21 CFR part 11 are fully met through the provision of dual-level, high security log-in facilities for operators and the capture of electronic signatures and other process data.

Systems incorporate advanced reject diverters to ensure any contaminated product is rapidly removed from the product flow.

Pharma GF-PRO detectors utilize Profile software technology which incorporates continuous Condition Monitoring functionality to assess key component performance and to give advanced warning of adverse trends which could lead to equipment failure if left unaddressed. Early warnings can be communicated via SMS text messages or email to key operational personnel.

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