Temperature-Controlled Portable And Reusable Medical Transporter: Crēdo Series 4 PROMED

Crēdo Series 4 PROMED

The new Crēdo Series 4 PROMED temperature-controlled portable and reusable medical transporter line was designed specifically for the "always on the go" needs of pharmaceutical reps and first responders alike.

The Crēdo PROMED product line currently consists of three payload sizes (2L, 4L and 8L) of temperature-controlled portable medical transport bags that have been lab tested to thermally protect the integrity of valuable and critical pharma/biotech samples and medical supplies for up to 72 hours. The outer bag is constructed of a highly durable, water resistant ballistic nylon fabric with attractive design detail finishes to appease the most discriminative tastes. These hand portable, highly durable and convenient to use soft-sided bags offer easy preconditioning of the TIC® system panels makes getting on with your day or responding to an emergency call simple, fast and consistently reliable for up to 72 hours

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