News Feature | March 12, 2014

Teva And VIM Enter Partner To Expand HealthCare Access

Teva Pharmaceuticals USA and Volunteers in Medicine (VIM) announced their 2014 National Partnership to ensure greater healthcare access to uninsured patients in the U.S.

Volunteers in Medicine is a national nonprofit organization focused on helping communities render free primary healthcare clinics and services. At present, there are 96 VIM clinics in 29 states providing free general primary care, medications and drugs, and patient education programs. VIM clinics also provide specialized services such as counseling, pediatrics, ophthalmology, and dentistry in some locations to thousands of people without healthcare access.

Allan Oberman, President and CEO of Teva Americas Generics, said “At Teva, we make quality healthcare accessible to patients around the world. This is not only a business objective, but also a philanthropic commitment. Through partnerships like this, Teva helps to increase access to our medicines and improve the overall health of our local communities.” The Israel-based company provides healthcare access through its business model as well as significant philanthropic programs such as the key alliance with VIM.

Amy Hamlin, Executive Director of VIM, said “This partnership is a tremendous opportunity for VIM and Teva to achieve mutual goals of expanding the delivery of healthcare services to the uninsured. Additionally, the lives of medical and non-medical volunteers are enriched by serving neighbors in need.”

Patients who rely on VIM are often unable to access healthcare services for one or more reasons. Either they earn too high to qualify for government assistance or lack health insurance in low-wage jobs. Some patients also earn too little to acquire health insurance on their own. VIM helps communities identify a need for a clinic and develop it with the help of staff members. VIM clinics are then supported with ongoing services from the organization’s national office.

The organization’s partnership with Teva will help promote support and awareness of Vim as well as open more clinics across the U.S. Teva will also give monetary contributions to support VIM clinics located near a Teva business presence.