Article | January 27, 2014

2013 4th Quarter Supply Chain ISAC Report of Cargo Theft Activity

Source: LoJack SCI, Inc.

The Supply Chain Information Sharing and Analysis Center’s (SC-ISAC) primary mission is to facilitate communication among supply chain dependent industry stakeholders in order to help secure the global supply chain. Towards this end, the SC-ISAC has created a trusted community of manufacturers, shippers, distributors, consignees, law enforcement and insurance entities, where critical information impacting the supply chain is shared.

This information, after being archived and analyzed, allows us to understand the actions of the cargo criminals and how they react to industry and law enforcement actions related to prevention and enforcement. There continues to be significant information showing the identity theft and fictitious pick up activity continues to grow as an ever present method of criminal operation. This crime causes problems with jurisdictions of reporting and information available for follow-up investigation as many times shippers do not have involved equipment and true driver information. Also, the freight has been gone many days before they learn it has not been delivered. The Eastern European ethnic groups originally responsible for much of this activity have been joined by copy cat groups who have found this method of operation is a very effective means of preying on the supply chain.