The Answer To Final Pack Off Containment

Source: ILC Dover

The DoverPac® continuous liner system provides the advantage of replacing packs without breaking containment, unlike using inflatable heads or having operators shuffle tube stock. Standard continuous liner pack contains 150 feet of film material and fills up to 30, 185-liter drums. The system is available in 50, 100 and 150-foot length packs. Salient features include:

  • Prepackaged liners save operators' time
  • Individual packing maximizes in-plant cleanliness
  • cGMP benefits over open drum filling
  • Replace packs without breaking containment
  • Clean in place (CIP) interface incorporated
  • Anti-static FDA and EU compliant materials
  • Eliminates cross contamination concerns
  • Interface hardware works with DoverPac® or continuous liner system (saves capital cost)
  • Operates in Ex environment
Source: ILC Dover