News Feature | February 11, 2014

The Drug Channels Institute's Economic Report On Pharmacies

Source: Pharmaceutical Online

By Cyndi Root

The Drug Channels Institute has released a report, “The 2013–14 Economic Report on Retail, Mail, and Specialty Pharmacies.” The report, written by Adam J. Fein, Ph.D., includes data, information, and analysis on the U.S. pharmacy industry. Interested parties can order the report online. Dr. Fein provides research studies, statistics, financial records and forecasts, as well as his own insights on current situations and emerging trends. The intended audience for the report includes pharmacy owners, drug manufacturers, pharmacists, and consultants.

The report emphasizes the changes in the pharmacy industry and its evolving path in the future. It promises to dissect the various channels in the industry and discuss how they intersect with the healthcare system. Many prominent pharmacies are mentioned including Rite Aid, Walmart, and CVS, as well as key participants in the specialty pharmacy category.

Financial data can help the reader better understand the pharmacy financial structure. For instance, the author summarizes methods of estimating ingredient cost and how third-party payers operate in the system. Readers can estimate prescription profit margins for both brand names and generic drugs and discover how profitability from generics varies. Additionally, the author discusses profitability in retail, mail, and specialty pharmacies at present and in the future.

The report is new for 2013-14, updated from previous versions and includes several new features. Alternative dispensing formats are analyzed, including a quantitative analysis. Included is more information on retail clinics, generic purchasing organizations, and specialty pharmacies.

About the Drug Channels Institute

Adam J. Fein, Ph.D., author of the report, heads the Drug Channels Institute, a division of Dr. Fein’s pharmaceutical economics and strategy firm, Pembroke Consulting, Inc. The Drug Channels Institute provides reports, management education, and e-learning modules. Computer-based learning kits include data and analysis packaged in user-friendly, graphic-rich modules.

The company has produced another report, “2013–14 Economic Report on Pharmaceutical Wholesalers and Specialty Distributors” for the drug wholesaling industry. Topics include declining revenues, changes for the three biggest wholesalers, and key participants in this industry. The author discusses distribution channels, specialty distributors, and pathways to healthcare providers. Financial topics include profits, buying and selling, cash operations, and financial trends.