Article | June 22, 2016

The Impact Of Waste On The Cost Of Quality In The Pharmaceutical Industry

Source: Parenteral Drug Association (PDA)
waste in pharmaceutical industry

By Robert G. Kieffer, PhD, RGK Consulting

Waste has a significant impact on the cost of quality (COQ)—or more exactly, the cost of poor quality—in the pharmaceutical industry. As a consultant with many years of experience in the industry, I’ve observed the negative effects of waste at many companies, and I want to identify activities that can be defined as “wasteful.”

When I refer to waste, I refer to activities within a process that are not value-added nor performed correctly the first time, and/or process outputs that are not desired by the customer. Ultimately, it is the customers, our patients, who pay for this waste, which also negatively impacts our employees’ morale and motivation.

Parenteral Drug Association (PDA)